Light-A-Life 270

Goal Zero's Light-a-Life lantern is a great lighting choice when standard household lights aren't available. The LAL produces a soft, lantern-type light that is still surprisingly bright. The cool-running LED light draws little power and can run for hours off one of Goal Zero's rechargers. A single lantern provides plenty of light for a tent, and you can string several lights together to keep a backyard or campsite illuminated.

The Light-a-Life LED Lantern from GoalZero is a 270-lumen output LED lantern that is ideally suited for emergency lighting during power outages or illuminating campsites. The LED emitter-array bulb is rated for 20,000 hours and additional bulbs are available for back-up or replacement. The lantern comes with a 9' extender cord and is chainable with up to eight other Light-a-Lifes. Each lantern has its own independent switch, so any light in the chain can be turned off without affecting the other lanterns.

A patented in-line carabiner enables it be moved and locked into place anywhere along the cord length for precise positioning of the lantern. The Light-a-Life does not have its own battery, so it must be powered from an external source. It is compatible with any Goal Zero battery pack, except the Guide 10, using the 6mm plug. An included 12VDC car/vehicle plug is included for powering it from a car, camper or generator.