Powering your travels doesn’t need to be complicated. Taking your Goal Zero Portable Power Station on the road with you allows you to take advantage of every moment of your trip. Collect and store power from the sun,or your car using the Yeti Vehicle Integration Kit.

“Incorporating Goal Zero power systems into my vans is a solution that is not only practical and affordable, but simply the best way for me to power my van on the go.“
Brody Leven - Professional Skier/Adventurer

Choose Your AdVANture:

Allow your van to be your home, office, or escape from reality. With the Yeti Link Vehicle Integration Module you can charge your Yeti 1000X (or above) from the vehicles alternator while on the go.

Power #VanLife:

When in “Vehicle Mode,” the Yeti Link pulls power from your vehicle’s alternator while the vehicle is running and stops pulling power when the vehicle is off. While at camp, connect your Yeti with our Boulder or Nomad solar panels to collect and store power through every leg of the journey. When your energy source is portable and sustainable, the possibilities are endless.



YETI POWER STATION (1000X or above)

Portable Power Station, an essential for powering devices and smaller appliances. Efficiently charges phones, laptops, camera equipment, TVs, portable fridges, medical devices, and more.




Contains everything you need to charge the Yeti 1000X or larger from your vehicle's alternator. Simply switch the Yeti Link to “Car Mode” to start collecting power while on the move.




We don't sell cars or any vehicle on this website. But if you're here, chances are you probably already have one.

Greatest generator ever! I am using this power station for my converted van, and it gave me some freedom of not wiring all these electric wires all over the van. All of the necessary outlets you need are on the Power Station.”
Keilani - Converted Van Owner


Now that you have yor power sorted, add to your setup with portable lights, lanterns, and charging cables for all your devices.

Light Up your life

View or selection of super handy lights and lanterns to escape the dark and create just the right mood indoors and out.

Lights and Torches

Charging cables

Your devices are no match for our powerful kits. Power your 12V, USB, and AC devices easily on the go. Grab an extra cable or two right here.

Charge Phone and Tablets
Charge Laptops
Charge Portable Fridges

Lights & Lanterns

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Explore our yeti range

These large power stations will keep your home-on-wheels up and running even when you're away from shore power.

Our first trip taking this camping with our new trailer was awesome. It powered all of our lights, refrigerator, and limited heat at night for 2 days. We were even able to plug in an electric tea kettle to boil water.”
Shelly G - RV Owner

Caravan & RV

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