Gas generators have been the go-to for many people when it comes to an off-the-grid power supply. A gas generator was a great piece of equipment to have prior to the availability of solar technology, but does it still stack up against the current range of battery/solar generators? Lets have a look at some of the pros & cons.

Upfront and Long-Term Costs

Gas generators are superior to Solar Generators when comparing the initial out of pocket, however, with the cost of fuel skyrocketing, the long-term and even short-term use cost victory goes to Solar Generators.

Maintenance costs fall in favor of Solar as well. Since Solar generator systems have no moving parts or fuel to replenish, therefore zero maintenance, it's an easy call to make.

Environmental Impact

I believe this goes without saying, however, it is certainly worth mentioning.

Solar produced energy is nearly 20 times more environmentally friendly than its gas counterpart. Therefore, an investment in a Green Energy backup system is an investment in your family's future.

Location and Noise

One of my favorite features of Solar Generators are their ability to produce entirely silent energy. This allows the user to maintain a calm environment whether you're camping, in the middle of a late night power outage, or powering that stereo system out in the bush.

In addition to that Gas Generators must be located outdoors when in use.


When it comes to essential preservation (food, shelter, medicine, etc.), nothing is more important than reliability. While Gas based power generation is reliable and can handle heavy power needs; it does have its short comings.

Gas Generators have moving parts which can fail or require maintenance/repair.

The ability to obtain gas, while historically consistent, can also be an issue due to raising costs, new environmental protection laws and even natural disaster supply chain disturbances. Solar does have a small struggle with reliability as well, however, it is only impacted by poor weather/cloud coverage and the moment the sun comes out, your power production will start once again.

Therefore, Solar energy takes the Win the category of reliability.

Renewable Energy

The main reason we even became a heavy hitter in the ecofriendly retail genre was to provide fantastic customer service, educational content and high-end consumer goods to folks who see the future in renewable energy.

As we all know, gas is a fossil fuel and the opposite of a renewable energy source.

Power Capabilities

The largest Pro when it comes to Gas Generators is their sheer level of power. They can output a huge amount of energy for as long as you have fuel.


While Gas Generators have a cheaper initial cost, and can output some serious power, they also come with some annoyances. Noise and Environmental pollution, rising fuel costs, and ongoing maintenance are some pitfalls of the traditional Gas Generator. 

Having silent, low maintenance, eco-friendly and sustainable power that you can bring inside your home or tent are major positive factors for the Solar Generators that are available today. 

If you're thinking of making the jump to Solar you can explore our options here
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