Expedition DUST - A journey through the red centre.

Expedition DUST - A journey through the red centre.

What is expedition dust? It is a self-supported crossing of Australia on bicycles to help people understand they are capable of so much more than they realise. This journey was going to be a huge learning curve for both Loren and I but I think if you’re not learning you’re not really living.

Who am I?
The question that stumps a large portion of the population of the earth. I call myself Brando Yelavich. I am a creature of the earth that has chosen a life chasing connection with what's real. On the land, the sea and under the sky I feel most at peace. I do what I do driven by passion and love. My purpose at this point in my life is to empower others to become the best versions of themselves, to seek out experiences that enable one's self to learn about what it truly means to be human and most importantly to work on their own mental health by treating themselves like someone they love.

I have been using Goal Zero pretty much since I started doing the things that make me happy. I use the gear to keep my devices charged so I can connect what I do with the world. Cameras, phones, laptops, drones and satellite communication devices are just some of the electronic devices I use during my huge expeditions.

The Goal Zero equipment I have chosen to cross Australia with:

  • 2x Nomad 20 solar panels. (I link them together for a much faster charge time)
  • 1x Sherpa 100AC (US Only) Powerbank. (This is something I haven't used before so I'm excited for the opportunities the sherpa is going to give me in the outback.
  • 2x Venture 75 power banks. (Trustworthy power banks that I never leave home without).
  • 1x Switch 10 power bank (US Only) with fan and torch mounts. (The fan mount is going to be an absolute blessing).

I'm really excited to see how this gear performs when its put to the test in some of the harshest conditions on earth over the next few months!

To follow the adventure: https://www.wildboyadventures.com/expedtion-dust


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