Smart Solar Made Easy

Nomad Solar Panels

Boulder Solar Panels

Foldable and Packable

Lightweight and highly portable, ideal for collecting power from the sun when you are on the go. Features removable kickstand with zippered pocket.

Power Collection

Recharge your phones and devices right from the sun by plugging directly into your panel or pair with a power bank to store power for later.


Nomad Solar Panels are more pricey per Watt. Patent-pending intelligent charging technology and ultimate portability result in higher overall cost of the panel.

Rugged and Rigid

Strong tempered glass and an aluminum frame, ideal for temporary or permanent installation when portability is not an issue.

Power Collection

Pair with our largest portable power stations to connect and store big power for off-grid living, whether in a cabin or a camper.


Boulder Solar Panels are not as expensive per Watt. Heavier weight and less portability result in lower overall cost of the panel.